Turn Listing Data to Dollars.
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Get PAID for It.

We’ve modernized MLS. You reap real and tangible benefits.

Personal Human Connections, Meaningful Financial Rewards

The real estate industry was built on relationships. Simply put, people doing business with people. But this basic premise is being compromised by the massive infusion of heavily funded technologies that modernize the real estate industry and the push towards end-to-end self-service portals.

Brokers and agents are now coping with many more competitive pressures and the uncertain fate of their future.

At REsides, we’re changing that.

We’re a MLS driven by the power of human connections and the monetary value of listing data, and we have a groundbreaking new model that puts the power back into the hands of brokers and agents.

REsides is a borderless, statewide MLS, giving you the freedom to facilitate listings anywhere, anytime. You gain access to a broader market; however, we leave the power of your local marketplace in your hands, where it counts.

For the first time in real estate, you can now get paid for your listing data. Your data is already shared across so many big tech portals, why give it away again – even more so – between multiple MLSs?

Harness the power of your listing data and reap the financial rewards.

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Diversify Your Business

Strategically expand your business by leveraging the value of listing data.

Differentiate Yourself

Stand out in a hyper-competitive and dynamic market.

Dominate in Your Market

Expanded listing data visibility = more leads.

Join our next webinar:
Don’t Leave Anything Behind:Monetizing the Value
of Your Listing Data

The soft economic market conditions, widespread industry change, and Associations decoupling from MLSs make it challenging for brokers and agents to know where to focus their efforts to ensure success. Competitive leverage is diminishing.

In this webinar, Colette Stevenson, the Voice of MLS, shares her insights on the important proactive steps agents and brokers should take today to protect their future and unlock the value of listing data.

Stevenson will discuss monetizing the value of listing data. She will also share the top questions asked about listing data challenges, the changing role of MLS, and the new models of compensation.

The conversation is dynamic and forward-looking and provides compelling insights for agents and brokers who are looking for new ways to compete and succeed in today’s dynamic and evolving marketplace.


Meet Colette Stevenson

Colette Stevenson is CEO of REsides. She is recognized for being on the forefront of leading change in MLS. Colette launched the first & only MLS model that provides financially rewarding equity-ownership in 2022. Her “MLS without Boundaries” vision centers on her belief that innovation & modernization will be the focus for the industry as we move forward in the new era. She launched her MLS model in a real estate landscape dominated by big-tech who access, analyze & aggregate listing data – only to become a new competitor for brokers. Colette seized the opportunity to shift this focus – to recognize & reward brokers by NOT losing sight of the strategic value of the listing data & harness the power of ownership for brokers and MLS executives for the first time ever. The REsides model is a first-of-its-kind in MLS & marks the beginning of new ways of thinking that put the control back in the hands of brokers.

Director for CMLS Colette Stevenson

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