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As an Independent MLS, we’re setting a new standard in technology. Our broker-value innovations include an array of powerful, data-rich conversions, upgrades and connectivity improvements. They are:

ShowingTime/Master Lock Integration

Our MasterLock and ShowingTime integration brings together two best-in-class solutions in real estate and provides agents with a universal and seamlessly integrated solution to leverage anywhere. Agents gain tremendous efficiency and productivity benefits that include:

  • Nationwide management of showings and lock box functionality from one place while traversing traditional MLS boundaries.
  • Secure Access Enablement features and Property Access Details which provide safety, confidence and management of showings.
  • Efficient communicate with both homeowners and buyer agents for a better consumer experience.

DataMetRE Launch

DataMetRE is a first-of-its-kind data metering platform for real estate. The cutting-edge model is set to transform the industry by introducing a fair and efficient data-utilization platform, charging vendors exclusively for the data they use while potentially generating revenue back to the broker-owners and shareholders. The key benefits of DataMetRE include:


Usage-Based Billing

With DataMetRE, vendors are billed based on the data, efficiency, and rates at which they consume data. This highly specialized billing approach replaces outdated flat-rate fee structures that increase expenses for Brokers – this method ensures vendors pay solely for the value they derive. 


Cost Savings and Revenue Generation

This innovative model enables prop-tech companies of all sizes to achieve cost savings in resource allocation and infrastructure management. Fees can change for companies who use best practices, standards, and established rules.

Transparent Data Analytics

The next generation of the platform empowers vendors with insightful analytics and a comprehensive overview of their usage patterns and trends. Armed with this knowledge, vendors can make informed decisions to optimize their data consumption and efficiency.

Integrated Agent-Centric MLS Portal

Integrated Agent-Centric MLS Portal, the consumer-facing portal serves as a valuable connectivity hub to deliver seamlessly integrated tools to improve services in the brokerage community, increase efficiency, support collaboration, and provide a gateway for better end-to-end connectivity and communications throughout the entire real estate eco-system.

With an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution at the heart of the REsides MLS portal, subscribers now have a powerful solution to manage their real estate business from lead-to-close. The benefits to REsides subscribers will include more leads, more customers, more repeat business – all from the REsides portal – and all driven off valuable listing data.


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