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The path forward for MLSs is about more than data sharing. It’s about relationships and the power of the human connection. It’s about removing boundaries. Pushing limits. Breaking silos. Coming together. Taking control of our industry and of our data. Owning it. When we do, we all win.

About REsides

We are the first and only MLS to launch a revolutionary new model that provides meaningful, financial benefits allowing you to become an equitable shareholder in an MLS.

Located on beautiful Hilton Head Island, we are an independent real estate information network committed to pushing the industry forward. We believe that in order for brokers to compete in this new technologically-driven, dynamic market, they need to take control of their listing data and own their future.

The benefits of MLS ownership

Having a shared interest in the success and growth of an MLS provides you significant and long-standing value.


Enjoy the freedom of ownership that is yours and cannot be taken away.


Gain greater access to capital that unlocks the value for future growth investments.


Earn economically meaningful ownership in a company that grows as it grows.


Protect your listing data and its strategic value in today’s big tech-driven real estate market.

Champions of CHANGE

From insights to action, the need for rapid transformation in MLS has never been greater.

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Real Estate Leader, Change Advocate, Speaker

Meet Colette Stevenson

For over 30 years, Colette has been on the forefront of emerging markets and leading transformational change. She joined the MLS of Hilton Head Island, Inc. in 2014 and in 2017, became the CEO. She is a proud member of the inaugural class of the CMLX3 program, the highest level of achievement for the Multiple Listing Service industry. She served as President of Multiple HOA boards, sits on the Real Estate Standards Organization committees to contribute to the better distribution of MLS data. Being a leader for this industry is a passion that propels her towards the formulation of the MLS of the future!

Quotable Quotes

While MLS is not the flashiest part of real estate, we cannot overlook the value of our data. MLS data kick starts the entire process of buying and selling a home and its value is often overlooked in the midst of all the technological change we find ourselves competing with today.

– Colette Stevenson

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