New Year.
New Services Agreement.

Reminder: Due by January 15, 2023


Your questions, answered.

Does everyone need to sign a new 2023 REsides Services Agreement?

Yes, every client, whether a new client or one who has partnered with us for a long time, is required to sign a new 2023 REsides Services Agreement.

What is the deadline to sign the new 2023 Resides Services Agreement?

All clients are required to have a new signed 2023 REsides Services agreement on file effective January 15, 2023. There are no exceptions to this policy or the deadline. Per our legal counsel, new services agreements must be signed and submitted by 1/15/2003 to avoid a lapse in service.

Why are new service agreements required?

The new service agreements align with the new business entity, operating procedures and strategic initiatives outlined by REsides, not Hilton Heads MLS. REsides became incorporated on 2.17.2021. While many of the terms, conditions and service deliverables remain consistent, there are several new data and technology initiatives along with innovative growth strategies underway that, in our new structure, requires all clients to sign a new services agreement.

What is changing with REsides?

Our path forward is very exciting. We are making dramatic and innovative changes that will allow REsides full control over how our data is managed, distributed, and most importantly secured. It will grant us the ability to grow rapidly, but also allow our clients a greater say in how their data is managed. In this scenario, REsides now becomes the center of the data world.

Please note that while we embark on an aggressive strategy to grow, we remain committed to you and your satisfaction. We have added a few new key team members over this year; however, rest assured that we are still the same team. Our fantastic Client Services and Community Relations teams remain the same and are here to assist you in any way possible. We still call Hilton Head Island our home and enjoy being the many benefits of being an independent MLS.

What are the benefits of this new data structure?

The benefits of what we are describing are many. We envision a platform that gives our clients more freedom and flexibility of choice in addition to more robust and comprehensive data across a wider marketplace. Additional benefits include:

  • Gives REsides full control of how our data is managed, distributed, and secured.
  • Delivers cost efficiencies for everyone.
  • Enables rapid expansion into new markets.
  • Strengthens competitive advantage in an environment that is changing rapidly by being able to offer new technology in shorter timeframes.
  • Increases collaboration with our partners.

Sounds exciting, but what does this have to do with me signing a new 2023 REsides Services Agreement?

Glad you asked. The way in which you will manage and access data will be changing, which as a result, requires us to upgrade our current Services Agreements.

Who do I call if I have more questions?

Please feel free to call our Customer Services Team at 843-785-9696 or send an email to

We are here to help answer any questions you may have.