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REsides Pioneers New Ground for Real Estate MLS


Revolutionary New MLS Model Puts the Power and Control Back in the Hands of Brokers who Own Valuable Listing Data

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (January 11, 2022) – REsides, the first and only MLS to launch a revolutionary new equity-ownership model for its members, announced today that its MLS model pioneers revolutionary new ground for the real estate industry. The new model allows participants, in particular brokers and MLS executives, many advantages of being an equitable shareholder in an MLS. For the first time in the real estate MLS industry, brokers can now own their future by controlling their listing data in the midst of the many emerging technology advancements and competitive pressures which are taking away control, customers and commissions.

“We are excited to lead the way for the MLS of the future,” said Colette Stevenson, CEO at REsides. “MLSs are long overdue to change and if we don’t invest in ourselves and our data, then who will? Never before has there been the opportunity to belong to something bigger in MLS,” Stevenson added.

Stevenson has been on the forefront of leading change in MLS for years as a visionary, thought leader and speaker. She attends conferences and leads discussions on emerging trends and their impact on MLS teams. “Our new model empowers brokers and MLS executives without taking away local control, which is vitally important,” Stevenson said. “We’ve created a model that provides a win/win for everyone in the real estate eco-system to enjoy valuable, tangible value that was not available until now.”

The REsides new MLS model provides many real and rewarding benefits for all participants, including:


Ownership is yours and cannot be taken away.


Greater access to capital enables the unlocking of value for future growth investments.


Gain economically meaningful ownership in the company that grows as it grows, creating a win-win for everyone involved.


MLS data fuels the industry – it’s at the center of everything. As MLSs, we are now recognized and rewarded for the strategic value of listing data in the ever-evolving real estate ecosystem that is being driven by big tech and consumer self-serve models.

Stevenson re-branded Hilton Head MLS to REsides in 2021 in order to expand and bring to market the dramatic and needed change to MLS. “This is just the beginning of the kind of change needed in MLS to compete in the new landscape,” Stevenson said.

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REsides is the first and only MLS to launch a revolutionary new equity-ownership model for its members. Headquartered on Hilton Head Island, SC, REsides is ranked in the top 25% of all residential real estate MLSs in the United States. The Company services 2,000 members across South Carolina and Georgia and supports over $4 billion in real estate transactions annually.
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