Applauding HomeSmart’s New Revenue-Sharing Model for Agents

Weighing in with Colette Stevenson

The March 11th article in RisMedia that showcased HomeSmart’s new revenue-sharing model for agents made me smile. Boy, have we come a long way.

Gone are the days of doing business in conventional ways. We are in the midst of transformational change – big time. Change is everywhere you look. Technology has totally revamped every part of the real estate industry. And more change is still to come.

While change was needed and it’s good for real estate, the power will always reside in the data and the people who own it – brokers and agents. Recognizing and rewarding them – to empower them in new and different ways with opportunities to earn money (when so much is being taken away) and take control is simply smart business.

Like Homesmart, we at REsides are leading transformational change.

We are the first and only MLS to launch a revolutionary new model that provides meaningful, financial benefits of becoming an equitable shareholder in an MLS. Having a shared interest in the success and growth of a company provides significant and long-standing competitive advantages. It’s a win-win! The way it should be.

Creating new models to modernize, compete and win across the real estate ecosystem is refreshing. I applaud HomeSmart. Their leadership and creativity is a big step forward for their deserving agents.

Colette Stevenson

Colette Stevenson is passionate about creating staying power for MLSs by focusing on data and empowering brokers to own their future like never before possible.
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