The Essential Ingredient for Real Estate Technologies to Pay Off: MLS Data

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There is no denying that these are wild times in real estate. And there is no change on the near horizon when it comes to low inventory, high demand and shifting consumer values that will create significant market appreciation for years to come.

These predictions create big and interesting opportunities for tech vendors to create innovative products to modernize the real estate industry, many of which have already launched and many more new solutions are quickly coming online. While all of this technology drives needed change in the real estate industry to modernize and create efficiencies for all parties, there is one essential component that is absolutely necessary to making these innovations work and payoff for tech leaders and investors: MLS data.

While MLS is not the flashiest part of real estate, MLS data kick starts the entire process of buying and selling a home and its value is often overlooked in the midst of all of this transformational change.

With over 500 MLSs in the U.S. today, it’s daunting to tackle the numerous integrations required to power all of this new technology.  While data standards have come a long way in recent years, there is still additional work to do as we continue to innovate.

There is also work to do to change MLS models that no longer work in the new technologically-driven market.

REsides is committed to championing the change needed in MLSs for brokers to compete.

We have not yet reached the technology peak; there is still more to come.  Coping with all of this change has been challenging for brokers and will continue to be a challenge unless MLSs change, too. Otherwise, we own the data – the most valuable component to ensuring that these big tech investments pay off; yet we find ourselves losing leverage in this new landscape.

As in most industries, data is king. We are no different. Rather than compete against technology with our very own data, MLSs that recognize and reward participants for their essential MLS data, will be those that win.  Why? Because they are the visionaries who created tangible and sustainable financial value for their brokers.

Colette Stevenson

Colette Stevenson is passionate about creating staying power for MLSs by focusing on data and empowering brokers to own their future like never before possible.
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